PEACE: Psychosis Education,
Assessment, Care, and Empowerment

This program is designed to help people in the early stages of psychosis learn how to manage their symptoms and meet their life goals. With the right tools and supports, people with psychosis can learn to feel better, manage personal challenges, connect with peers, and move toward success in all areas of their lives, including work, school and relationships.

Who We Help

PEACE is a program for individuals age 15 and older who have been experiencing symptoms of psychosis for a year or less. These symptoms can include a change in mood, unusual thoughts or beliefs, social withdrawal, hallucinations, etc. Read more on signs and symptoms of psychosis.

Read more on signs and symptoms of psychosis.

How We Help

PEACE off ers an array of services including:
• Life coaching
• Individual and group therapy
• Family support, education, and therapy
• Employment and education support
• Help from people like you who know what it’s like to have these experiences
• The option for low-dose medication if you and your doctor decide it would help

Read more on how we can help here.


PEACE is available free of charge to individuals ages 15 and older who have Medicaid or are Medicaid eligible and have been experiencing symptoms for a year or less. Those who have other insurance or no insurance should contact us to find out about their eligibility.